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Presentation of the Global MBA – International MBA
The Global MBA of OBS Business School has been highlighted among the best in Spain by the Ranking 2015 MBA Online of Mundo Posgrado.

In addition, both the Global MBA and the Executive MBA of OBS have been chosen as the best online mba by the Ibero-American ranking of Training 2015 100% online. The OBS Business School Global Online MBA focuses on the development of the managerial skills and abilities necessary for the management of global companies.

The particularity of the program is that it provides participants with all the necessary tools to successfully manage companies with a high component of internationalization and innovation.

in various positions of responsibility – management or managerial commands – and whatever the size of the organization. With this innovative program philosophy, OBS aims to offer a vision of where the future of the management of a global company is heading.

This master’s degree in business strategy also provides the participant with a new and pioneering Professional Skills Development Program developed by OBS, taught by experts and recognized professionals of Human Resources.

Having superior training in Management, in the field of administration and business management, is fundamental. This is shown by a study published by the Executive MBA Council, which indicates that the average salary of participants in an MBA increases by 11.4% from the beginning to the end of their programs.

In the framework of the Global MBA, we offer you the possibility of participating in a virtual exchange at TEC de Monterrey.In this exchange, OBS Business School students, who wish to do so, may take a pre-determined course at the TEC de Monterrey, exempting them from taking the equivalent in OBS Business School.Those students who make the exchange and, pass the course will obtain a Certificate of the TEC of Monterrey.

Objectives of the Global MBA Define the right strategy to compete successfully in the markets in which you operate. Dominate the global and competitive environment of the businesses in which we are currently moving, designing optimal internationalization strategies for companies Detect and evaluate the influence of the changes that are taking place in our environment.

Deepening the functions of marketing in companies, analyzing the new communication tools we have at our disposal, thanks to the Internet and the digitalization of society.

Develop the most current marketing strategies and sales strategies with special emphasis on the management of the commercial network and the analysis of data Understand the management of teams in competitive environments as essential, with special emphasis on the formulation of the,

strategy of people of the company
Develop the necessary financial competences, analyzing the viability of investments and understanding the functioning of capital markets
Prepare a competitive Business Plan for the company, and know how to sell it internally for approval

Professional outputs of the Global MBA Import – export companies
Health sector and pharmaceutical industry Manufacturing industry
Communication and advertising companies Multinational companies
Regulatory bodies Technological sector, banking, services Accounting and consulting companies Infrastructure management Small and medium businesses Multilateral institutions

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