Life insurance companies

Currently, more and more people choose to take out life insurance to protect their families in the event of a death, mainly if the insured is the main source of support for the family.

We are aware that choosing the best policy is not easy to manage. That is why we recommend you to use our life insurance comparator, with which in just one minute you can find out about the different prices and coverages of the 20 best insurers operating in our country and, in this way, obtain a personalized policy.

Said which, the most contracted option in this branch by the majority of the insured is the coverage of death and absolute disability, for a capital that varies according to the age, the family situation and, also, the client’s budget. Below we tell you what types of companies offer these services and how they are.

Life Insurance Companies Risk
The Life Risk insurance is intended for those who seek to protect their relatives who, in technical terms, are the beneficiaries of the policy. The idea is that the relatives of the insured receive financial compensation if he dies. It is about guaranteeing compensation – be it a capital or an income – for the family to survive. The premium is usually annual, and its price is calculated according to three main factors: the age of the insured, his medical history and the chosen capital ..

These insurances work in the following way: if the insured dies, the beneficiary (or the beneficiaries that he chooses) will receive the capital agreed in the contract. However, it is not just a matter of death, since these policies also include the assumption of disability, serious illness, etc.

Usually, they are usually insured by the head of the family, that is, by individuals who have dependents and who depend on their income. It is also very common for people to subscribe who have mortgage loans (to ensure payment of the debt in case of a mishap occurs). Another group that usually makes these products is that of people with high-risk professions, such as policemen, firemen or athletes.

Among the best insurers that offer Life Risk insurance are Allianz, Ocaso, Liberty, AXA, Aegon, Aviva, Zurich, Pelayo, BBVA, La Caixa Seguros and Reale Seguros, among many others. The vast majority of these have in their life policies coverage of capital advancement in case of suffering from a serious disease -such as cancer- to be able to face the treatment.

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