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Our mission is that you can obtain all the information necessary for you to choose the policy that best suits you.

Understand, for example, the difference between medical insurance policies and reimbursement policies or assess whether a policy with or without a copayment is more convenient for you.

Additionally maintains alliances with the main insurers in order to offer exclusive offers and promotions for our users.

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Fundamental aspects for choosing health insurance
You must take into account that when choosing between different medical insurance, the first step is to specify what health care needs you have, what kind of user you are, if you want total coverage or only for certain services. If a person has an average purchasing level and is also satisfied with the care he receives from the public health service for primary care, but wants to entrust his health to a private company for more serious situations, he can choose among the insurance that only offers hospital care. -In the event of surgery or hospitalization-.

An example of this type of health insurance would be the case of the Asisa Hospitalization policy, which guarantees an economic remuneration for each day of hospitalization. On the other hand, users seeking private health care only for immediate assistance and without waiting lists in general medicine and specialists, can opt for basic policies, which offer primary care – in addition to other coverages – but exclude hospitalization or more specialized treatments, such as the Basic Plus Plan for School Health Care, or the Sanitas Básico policy.

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