Health Insurance for people over 65

From 65 years old, age becomes an important handicap when it comes to hiring health insurance.

As a general rule, insurance companies exclude clients who have reached 65 years of age -some even mark the limit in 60 years-, thus making it very complicated to find insurance that covers them.

However, there are companies that offer specific products to this group, although it must be taken into account that, by assuming greater risk to the client, the premium is higher than for other groups.

There are insurers that do allow seniors of a certain age to purchase health policies but, yes, it is normal that hospitalization or surgery is not included. The reason is logical: for an insurer it is a great risk to assume this expense, when it comes to a person with more possibilities of having to be hospitalized. The clients of these products usually have at their disposal a medical chart of specialists, but excluding from the medical care certain services that require a stay in the hospital.

On the other hand, some companies offer a specific type of insurance for the group of people over 60 or 65 whose main characteristic is a much higher premium than the other policies on the market. These products usually have a medical specialist in geriatrics, in addition to other typical coverage of conventional medical insurance such as diagnostic tests (x-rays, endoscopies or magnetic resonance, among others), and care in specialties such as cardiology or oncology.

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