Ensuring families with education and the best life insurance

As parents we are always interested in ensuring a prosperous and carefree future for our loved ones.

That is why we often contemplate the idea of ​​hiring life insurance and / or educational insurance.

But how to know who offers the best options? What insurance best suits our needs? o What are the characteristics of educational insurance and life insurance?

First we recommend you check the Bureau of Financial Institutions where you can meet the different insurers (A) that offer these two products, their behavior regarding inquiries, claims and disputes, penalties, observations of Condusef and the rating of the evaluation conducted by Condusef .

Orange Educational Insurance

Table 1

Blue Standard Standardized Life Insurance


 With this information you can make an informed decision to purchase your insurance. It also verifies that the institution is authorized by the National Insurance and Bonding Commission (CNSF) to carry out this activity, since you must review very well the offer of said insurance for its diversity of services, prices and conditions.

Educational insurance (B)

For educational insurance an important key is to hire at an early age of the children, because the smaller they are, the more economical the insurance will be due to the risk factors that the insurers take into account, as well as the time that is being paid. the same, since you will receive the insured sum in the long term as stipulated with the insurer. If you have already decided to purchase this insurance, always compare prices, features, requirements, benefits and restrictions, so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

Look very carefully at how you will make the payments or what additional coverages your insurance has, for example, some have the «exemption from premiums» coverage, which in case of death or total and permanent disability of the parents or guardian, the insured sum will be delivered to the child upon reaching the agreed age in the contract without the need to pay more premiums. Always ask if you have doubts.

Life insurance2

Have you thought about what would happen if someday you lacked people who depend economically on you? It would be a great emotional and financial imbalance for them.

Life insurance seeks to ensure the protection and future of families, which is why those who usually benefit are the family members or beneficiaries of the insured. The collection of the sum insured in this type of insurance by the contractor, is a function of the death or survival of the insured (depending on the terms stipulated in the contract).

At the time of contracting a life insurance, we must bear in mind that unlike an insurance of damages to a material good, what is being secured is a person, which can not be valued economically, therefore it is the payment of an indemnity that is not related to the value of damage towards the occurrence of the loss, so that a compensation contract is not constituted.

Now that you know the benefits of having life insurance and / or educational insurance, you can make the decision to leave a prosperous future for your family or loved ones, leaving them reassured when hiring these insurance.

A) Insurers are financial institutions that cover the risks to which a person, institution, company or object may be subject in exchange for the payment of a premium1.

B) According to the percentage distribution of the unemployed population, according to the level of education and national work history of the INEGI, the population with incomplete primary is 6.41%, with complete primary 14.46%, with complete secondary 37.48%, upper middle and superior 41.64% *.

REMEMBER to always visit the Bureau of Financial Institutions before hiring any product or financial service enburo3

www.buro.gob.mx, where you will find information about these and more financial products so you can make the best decision.

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