United States: President Donald Trump signs new immigration veto suspending citizens from 6 Muslim majority countries

US President Donald Trump signed a new executive order Monday to temporarily suspend the entry of citizens from six Muslim-majority countries.

The measure is a new attempt to enforce a migration veto after the initial approval, approved by Trump on January 27, was blocked by the judiciary after days of controversy and protests.
The suspension affects citizens of Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan. Unlike the previous one, Iraq was outside the list.
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Another fundamental difference is that its entry into force is not immediate: it will be from next March 16.

In addition, the directive includes a moratorium of 120 days for the entry of refugees.
President Trump signed the new decree privately. The formal announcement was made by National Security Secretary John Kelly, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
Sessions noted that three of the six countries included in the temporary suspension of entry into the US Are “sponsors of terrorism”. He added that the other three have served as a refuge for terrorists or part of their territory has fallen into the hands of Al Qaeda or the self-styled Islamic State.
Secretary Kelly also reported that the measure “does not affect” those who are permanent residents of the United States or have a valid visa.
Tillerson added, “As threats to our security continue to evolve and change, common sense dictates that we continually reassess the systems we trust to protect our country.”

The move was announced by Kelly, Sessions and Tillerson.
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The move was announced by Kelly, Sessions and Tillerson.

The first executive order on immigration unleashed the chaos in dozens of airports inside the country while National Security officials tried to interpret how the presidential measure would be implemented.
This caused that travelers of these nationalities remained retained and they were prohibited the entrance in the country in spite of having permanent residences, for example.
The order became the subject of a legal dispute and was eventually suspended by a federal judge in Washington state and held by a federal appeals court.
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This new order, with a validity of 90 days, includes significant changes with respect to the original measure, said the BBC correspondent in Washington, Anthony Zurcher.
To try to avoid some of the confusion generated by the first, this time clarifies that it does not affect permanent residents and citizens with valid visas.
“Those who have permanent residences, temporary residences or existing visas can come to the country,” Zurcher said.

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