Reveal video of Las Vegas massacre allegedly planned as Twin Towers

A man who says he was a former neighbor of suspected Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock has said that Paddock could not have carried out the massacre and that it was actually a “trap.” Trap in which he like hundreds of others were used.

Remember all the evidence there is about what actually happened with the September 11 attack? Hundreds, perhaps thousands of evidence that everything was planned by the elite, to justify a war against the oil empire and control it.

Of that war, whose objective was to capture some terrorists and in search of supposed deadly weapons, called bombs, the same ones that did not appear, only to have control of the tens or hundreds of petroleum mines, of which the Arab countries are rich .

First of all, from filtered files it is clear that there is no justification for the atrocity committed in Las Vegas.

The man claiming to be Paddock’s neighbor is a former Marine calling himself Rick, called the radio program Michael Savage, a local radio station in Las Vegas and said he was a neighbor of Paddock between December 2015 and June 2016 in Nevada.

He said that he used to see Paddock every two days and that they went to a local bar and played with swabs.

He did not even tell me he possessed a weapon, “Rick continued, adding that Paddock had not expressed any religious or political affiliation or opinion during his talks.

When Aadam Hussein was captured, a few minutes later there were video and other photos, and he owned a regime, Osama bin Laden alike, where are the photos and videos of where Stephen Paddock fell? Why so secretive.

I’m not a big man of conspiracy theories, but I do not feel well, “Rick said, before stating that the whole shooting was a” trap “and that Paddock’s body might have been left in the hotel room while other assailants carried out the shots.

The informant mentioned how some people in the crowd were warned 45 minutes before the shooting that they were going to die, suggesting that this was evidence of a larger conspiracy and not a “lone wolf” attack.

As an expert on firearms, he also questioned the lack of flashes from the hotel windows from where the shooter was supposed to fire. Because at no moment of the supposed weapons did not emerge flashes of their guns.

Rick said he had already contacted the Clark County Sheriff’s Office to relay all the information he knew.

Although the claims are intriguing, it is important to remember that after virtually all terrorist attacks and mass gunfire, friends and neighbors express their shock that the culprit would be unable to carry out such horrors, with some strongly denying that it was possible.

If Paddock was planning such a sophisticated operation and hoping to evade detection, he would not be talking details to his neighbors.

However, the neighbor’s claims are sure to attract more attention since no specific motive has yet to be discovered for the shooting.

This video was analyzed, but you must have the last word.

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